Thoughts During Recording

You know, doing this EP recording, I can’t say often enough how thankful I am

for my musical friends and family. The most generous and supportive people

anyone could wish for. Everywhere I look around my house reminds me of them.

Every note played and recorded connects to something someone has done for

me. Done out of goodness, friendship, out of a belief in what we’re doing. A

partial inventory:

On the walls around me are paintings and photographs by ‘big brother’ Bob

Bunce. By the bay window is Jenny Blue, the 87 Strat he picked out for me at

Buzzo Music decades ago. “She’s a good one”, he told me. Damn right she is.

There’s a Taylor on loan from my oldest best friend and BFAM Jeff Bazarian. I

used to swipe his Kay acoustic as a kid when I was learning to play. Or Blondie,

the electric Guild. Sold it to another BFAM, Frank Alberti over 30 years ago, who

held onto it and ‘sold’ it back to me last year for a fraction of its real value. Then

there’s my grandfather Herman Heins’ tenor banjo, preserved and passed on to

me by mom and dad, restored to playability by Kris Schramm.

Thanks to my first songwriting partner and longest running band mate, BFAM

Kevin Frisch, we have a Jazz bass and amp. Left behind so he can always be a

part of the music we make.

A small forest of mics sprouts up in my living room courtesy of Matt Ramerman

and Dave Bernis. And Matt has given his time to teach me about recording and

help me buy and fix my gear. Dave is simply a guru, a wizard, a mentor, a


Right across from me on a music stand is a Got Herb? book of horn charts,

transcribed by Ethan Lyons. It’s not too far from the headphones and mixer he’s

indefinitely loaned me. Sitting in this very chair last week was his brother Dave

Lyons, who let me Tom Sawyer him into engineering an entire 8 hour session.

Then there’s the Rhodes 88 from 1971. Given to me for playing a few songs at

my great friend John Kelly’s wedding ceremony. Next to it sits Jr. and Lou

Spezio’s Hammond organ and Leslie cabinet. Meticulously maintained and

upgraded by Jr. It is the crown jewel of the jam room.

Finally, there’s the time. Time put into practicing, rehearsing, learning,

performing, recording, ‘mixing up the medicine’. Donny, Chris, Jr., Lou, Ethan,

Michael. I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am to all of you for the gifts of you

precious time and incredible talent. Salut!

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