1986-1991 ‘Herb Heins and The Turbines’. Original satirical pop rock, live performance, regional touring, worked with Bill Holmes from Feels So Good productions. One full length album studio release, “Napalm Sundae”. Composed, arranged and performed music; did booking, promotion, merchandising, logistics


1991-1994 ‘Chaos Matrix’. Original alternative metal,  live performance, regional touring. One self titled EP studio release. Two albums recorded but unreleased. Composed, arranged and performed music; did booking, promotion, merchandising, logistics. Co produced all studio recordings.


1993-2013. Collaborated with Andre Williams ( Andre Foxxe) from P-Funk. Co-composed 3 songs, recorded full length album “Mylennium” which was released on P-Vine records. Live performance as ‘The Billy Makenzie Band’ and ‘The Psychedelic Ghetto Pimps’. Opened for P-Funk in Royal Oak, Detroit MI. Became a member of ASCAP


1994-1996 Joined Bob Bunce’s  ‘Beyond Riddim Orchestra’ Original jam band. Live performance, composition, logistics.

1996-1997 Tumbleweed. Original songs and traditional covers jam band. Live and studio performance, songwriting, booking and promotion, logistics.


1997-1998 Black Eyed Rosey. Hard rock cover band. Live regional performances.


1999-2003 Robyn Banks and The Getaways. Original rock; songwriting, live and studio performance, logistics. The Ross Cirri Band. Original blues/R&B; live performance.


2004-2008 The Almightys. Original alternative jam band. Live and studio performance, composition, songwriting, arranging, producing. Booking, promotion, marketing, merchandising, logistics


2008-current Teressa Wilcox. Original alternative rock; bass and guitar, live performance.  Co-founded Roc City Pro Jam with Chris English and Matt Ramerman; performances and production. Composed  for and performed with The English Project.  Performed with George Wesley and Resistance - original and classic reggae; guitar, live performance, logistics. The Supersexual Extraterrestrials, Big Bad Gravity , both personal original songwriting projects, limited live performance. June 2015 release first solo acoustic album “New For You”.








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